Ordering FireStep Books

All our books are available from any good bookseller across the United Kingdom and the world. If you are ordering one of our books online we suggest you use our parent site at www.tommiesguides.co.uk for all titles we publish.

Trade Sales & Enquiries

Trade representation is handled by Casemate:

Casemate UK
17 Cheap St.
RG14 5DD

Tel: 01635 231091
Fax: 01635 41619

Email: casemate-uk@casematepublishing.co.uk

Trade distribution and customer service is handled by Bookpoint:

Bookpoint Ltd
130 Milton Park
OX14 4SB

Tel: 01235 400580
Email: trade@bookpoint.co.uk

Head Office Contact

FireStep Publishing
c/o Tommies Guides Military Booksellers & Publishers
Gemini House
136-140 Old Shoreham Road
Brighton BN3 7BD

Tel: 0845 475 1945
Fax: 0870 622 1918

Email: books@firestepublishing.com

Press & Publicity: Geoff Simpson

Tel: 07880 790191 / +44 (0)161 483 1790

Email: pr@tommiesguides.co.uk

Contacting our Authors

We cannot give out authors’ contact details, including email addresses, but we will be happy to forward correspondence to them or to their agent. As we are not always in email contact with authors, you may also send correspondence in writing at the address above.